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  • Transforming a Small En-Suite Bathroom Interior

    In the realm of bathroom renovations, small spaces often present unique challenges and opportunities. This project showcases the transformation of a small bathroom into a contemporary oasis, using the beauty and versatility of Palatina Blanco Brillo, a stunning large format, porcelain slab tile range that promises to elevate even the most compact en-suite. The Palatina Blanco Brillo tiles, boasting a sleek white gloss marble effect, serve as the cornerstone of this renovation project. Measuring 60x120cm, these large format tiles create a sense of spaciousness, making the compact en suite feel more expansive and airy. The timeless elegance of marble, combined with the glossy finish, adds a touch of luxury to the space, setting the stage for a truly sophisticated interior. To complement the minimalist aesthetic of the bathroom, a monochromatic colour palette was employed, with white marble as the dominant hue and black accents used on the vanity unit for contrast. Chrome fixtures further enhance the modern look and feel, adding a touch of glamour to the overall design scheme. The result? A harmonious blend of simplicity and sophistication that exudes contemporary charm. One of the standout features of this en suite renovation is the subtle texture introduced through a stacked mosaic floor within the shower area. Utilising the same Palatina Blanco tile but in a matte finish, this bespoke mosaic adds visual interest and depth to the space, creating a focal point that draws the eye and adds a tactile dimension to the shower enclosure. This custom mosaic was made possible through Armatile's WeMake bespoke tile manufacturing service. The renovation of this small en suite demonstrates the transformative power of premium porcelain slab tiles. With their timeless elegance, versatile design, and superior quality, these tiles have the ability to turn any space into a contemporary sanctuary.

  • Celebrating Success: Armatile's Grand Showroom Opening Event in Baldoyle, Dublin

    Yesterday marked a momentous occasion for Armatile as we proudly celebrated the official grand opening of our new showroom in Baldoyle, Dublin. It was a day filled with excitement, gratitude, and the promise of new beginnings. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our friends, family and associates who graced us with their presence, making the day truly unforgettable. We were honoured to also welcome two distinguished guests of honour: Rory Best OBE, former Irish Rugby Union Captain, and Adrian Henchy, Mayor of Fingal County Council. Their presence added an extra touch of prestige to our celebration, and we are deeply grateful for their support. A Journey of Growth and Success: The opening of our new showroom represents a major milestone in our company's history as we celebrate 49 years in business. From our humble beginnings selling carpet tiles from the McCanns family home-place - a small rural cottage in Loughgall, we have grown into the success story we are today. This new showroom location in the Republic of Ireland will allow us to continue to grow and expand our current market share, serving our customers with excellence and innovation. A significant investment of over £4 million was dedicated to the acquisition and fit-out of our new 15,000 sq ft showroom. This investment underscores our commitment to providing an unparalleled experience for our retail customers and professional industry partners, including interior designers, architects, and contractors. The new showroom was designed by award-winning interior designer Garry Cohn. Featuring a design library complete with an extensive range of tile samples, our showroom is a true testament to design excellence and innovation. Garry Cohn also did the honour of being the MC at the event, adding his unique flair to the occasion. As our Chairman and Founder, Seamus McCann, eloquently stated at the event, "Our new facility provides tangible evidence of our long-term confidence in the Irish marketplace." We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and believe that our new showroom will take the Armatile name and reputation to new heights. Acknowledging Contributions: Seamus took the time to thank his wife, Pat McCann, co-founder of Armatile, for her invaluable contribution to the company's success over the years. Family is at the heart of Armatile, and we consider our employees as much a part of our extended family as we do our founders. Managing Director, Paul Quinn conveyed his sincere appreciation to all team members stating, "without our amazing workers we would not be where we are today, so, a huge thank you must go to them. Their tireless work allows us to stand here today in this magnificent new building." He also took the time to thank the companies loyal customers and long standing supportive suppliers. Christopher McCann expressed gratitude to the associates who played a pivotal role in the development and build of our new showroom. Special thanks were extended to Colin McKee, John Hanna, Darren Carr, and Philip Kilpatrick from Moss Construction; Kevin J. Hamell & Associates; Lucas Engineering Services LTD; Shane Fay from Horizon Property Support; Stephen McQuade from 2HQ Consulting Engineers; Ian Donnelly Associates Ltd; and of course, the one and only, Garry Cohn. Once again, we express our sincere gratitude to everyone who attended our grand opening event. Your support and presence made the day truly special, and we look forward to welcoming you to our stunning new showroom again soon.

  • Revolutionising Residential Luxury: A Concrete Bathroom Transformation

    At Armatile, we believe that every home should tell a unique story, reflecting the personality and taste of its inhabitants. Our 'Real Home' feature takes you inside a stunning bathroom renovation project where we turned a vision into a concrete reality using our exclusive Cromat Perla tile range. In a generous 60x120cm size, these tiles became the foundation for a bathroom that would redefine luxury in the realm of residential interiors. The Bespoke Vanity Unit: Tailoring Luxury to Perfection One of the main highlights of this project was the creation of a bespoke vanity unit and basin using our 'We Make' services. The Cromat Perla tiles seamlessly extended from the walls to the furniture, creating a cohesive and immersive experience. This bespoke feature not only added a touch of luxury but also showcased the versatility of Armatile's capabilities. Our 'We Make' services empower clients to bring their dreams to life. From bespoke tile shapes and patterns to custom-designed furniture, the possibilities are limitless. This project stands as a testament to the artistry that can be achieved through collaboration with Armatile's skilled craftsmen. The vision for this bathroom renovation came to life under the expert guidance of our Design Sales consultant Catherine Whyte in our Belfast branch. The meticulous project management ensured that every detail was executed to perfection, creating a space that seamlessly blended functionality with aesthetics. The ultimate measure of success is the satisfaction of our clients. In this case, the client was not just satisfied – they were thrilled with the finished results. The Cromat Perla tiles, coupled with the bespoke vanity unit, transformed their bathroom into a haven of modern luxury. Do you have a project you would like to discuss? Then step into the world of Armatile, where innovation meets luxury, and customisation becomes an art form. Explore the possibilities with our 'We Make' services, and let us turn your vision into a reality. From bespoke tile designs to custom furniture creations, Armatile is your partner in crafting spaces that resonate with your unique style. Contact us at to embark on your journey of transformation – where every detail matters, and every home becomes a masterpiece.

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  • Armatile Products and Services | Tiles

    HOME > Products (All) > We have an extensive range of wall and floor tiles to choose from, including natural stone, marble, metallic, wood effect and lots more. Explore our full range of tiles below. Our Products Style Size Colour Finish Type Adele Bleu RVPADE01T Alloy Azzurro SPECIAL ORDER Alloy Coal SKU: PAMALL02T Alloy Copper SPECIAL ORDER Alloy Grey SPECIAL ORDER Alloy Mint SKU: PAMALL01T Alloy Pearl SPECIAL ORDER Alpha Beige SKU: PAMALP31T Alpha Gris SKU: PAMALP30T Alpha Mix SKU: PAMALP32T Art Cassatt SKU: PAMART29T Art Cezzane SKU: PAMART34T Art Corot SKU: PAMART26T Art Degas Blanco SKU: PAMART24T Art Degas Negro SKU: PAMART25T Art Gauguin SKU: PAMART36T Art Lepic SKU: PAMART31T Art Monet SKU: PAMART30T Art Renoir SKU: PAMART33T Art Rodin SKU: PAMART27T Art Seurat SKU: PAMART32T Art Signac SKU: PAMART35T Art Sysley SKU: PAMART28T Artisan (Square Format) SPECIAL ORDER Artisan Alabaster SKU: EQUART10T Artisan Aqua SKU: EQUART11T Artisan Burgundy SPECIAL ORDER Artisan Colonial Blue SKU: EQUART12T Artisan Gold SPECIAL ORDER Artisan Graphite SKU: EQUART08T Artisan Moss Green SKU: EQUART13T Artisan Ochre SKU: EQUART14T Artisan Rose Mallow SKU: EQUART18T Artisan White SKU: EQUART09T Assen Graphite SKU: ALAASS51T Assen Grey SKU: ALAASS50T Bloom Garden SKU: PAVBLO01 Bodum Stone Anthracite ALABOD62T Bodum Stone Beige ALABOD50T Bodum Stone Grey ALABOD51T Brickwall Blanco SKU: PAMBRI10T Brickwall Grafito SKU: PAMBRI11T Brickwall Negro SKU: PAMBRI15T Brickwall Perla SKU: PAMBRI14T Brickwall Sand SKU: PAMBRI13T Brickwall Tortora SKU: PAMBRI12T Burlington Greige SKU: CIFBUR22T Burlington Greige Decor SKU: CIFBUR12T Burlington Pearl SKU: CIFBUR21T Burlington Pearl Decor SKU: CIFBUR11T Burlington Sand SKU: CIFBUR20T Burlington Sand Decor SKU: CIFBUR10T Burlington White Decor SKU: CIFBUR13T Calacata Gold Decor SKU: PAMCAL19T / PAMCAL15T Calacata Gold Gloss SKU: PAMCAL18T Calacata Gold Matt SKU: PAMCAL17T Camino Limestone Beige BOLLIM01T Camino Quartz stone Anthracite BOLQUA02T Camino Quartz stone Grey BOLQUA01T Ceilán Beige SKU: MIJCEI01T Ceilán Ceniza Ash SKU: MIJCEI02T Ceilán Nogal Walnut SKU: MIJCEI03T Ceilán Roble Oak SKU: MIJCEI04T Costa Nova / Costa Nova Onda/ Costa Nova Praia ​ Erding Ash Gloss SKU: PAMERD10T Erding Ash Matt SKU: PAMERD12T Erding Grey Gloss SKU: PAMERD46T Erding Grey Matt SPECIAL ORDER Erding Pearl Gloss SKU: PAMERD11T Erding Pearl Matt SKU: PAMERD13T Erding Silver Gloss SKU: PAMERD26T Erding Silver Matt SPECIAL ORDER Essen ​ Ever ​ Greenwood ​ Jarel ​ Laurants Brown ​ Living ​ Look ​ Miscela Nacar SKU: ARCSTR02T Mourne Flamed-face Quartzite Stone ​ Paisley ​ Palatina ​ Parquet Cross ​ Pisa Gold ​ Riga ​ Romantika Azzurra SPECIAL ORDER Romantika Dianora SPECIAL ORDER Romantika Giacinta SPECIAL ORDER Romantika Livia SPECIAL ORDER Romantika Viviana SPECIAL ORDER Ronin ​ Stracciatella Nacar SKU: ARCSTR01T Tenby Beige ​ Tenby Grey ​ Toscana ​ Vibe Fair Pink Gloss SKU: EQUVIB03T Vibe Gesso White Gloss SKU: EQUVIB01T Vibe Gooseberry Gloss SKU: EQUVIB05T Vibe Naval Gloss SKU: EQUVIB04T Load More

  • Adele Bleu, Floor Exterior Tiles Paving

    Decorative Outdoor Paving Adele Bleu RVPADE01T ENQUIRE NOW First name* Last name Email* Phone* Product Name* File upload Upload File Please choose the showroom that best suits you** Message* ENQUIRE NOW Product Details The modern, unique style and pattern of our Decorative Porcelain paving slab is the epitome of chic. Hard wearing, low maintenance and highly durable, use them on large areas or as complementary design features to create aesthetically appealing outdoor entertaining spaces. Specifications Matt, Slip Resistant FINISH: ​ COLOUR RANGES: Square SHAPE: 600x600x20mm SIZE: MATERIAL: Porcelain Next Previous Home > Products (All) > Adele Bleu Contact our team to discuss your project or visit your nearest Armatile showroom. Want to visualise your space? Send us your dimensions, we'll do the rest. ENQUIRE NOW Book Free Consultation Visit Showroom You might also like ​ ​ ​ ​ Tenby Grey ​ Tenby Beige ​ Adele Bleu RVPADE01T ​ ​ ​ ​ Camino Quartz stone Grey BOLQUA01T Camino Quartz stone Anthracite BOLQUA02T Camino Limestone Beige BOLLIM01T Bodum Stone Anthracite ALABOD62T Bodum Stone Grey ALABOD51T

  • Tenby Beige , Floor Exterior Tiles Paving

    ​ Tenby Beige ​ ENQUIRE NOW First name* Last name Email* Phone* Product Name* File upload Upload File Please choose the showroom that best suits you** Message* ENQUIRE NOW Product Details Specifications Matt, Slip Resistant FINISH: ​ COLOUR RANGES: Rectangle SHAPE: 600 x 1200 x 20mm SIZE: MATERIAL: Porcelain Next Previous Home > Products (All) > Tenby Beige Contact our team to discuss your project or visit your nearest Armatile showroom. Want to visualise your space? Send us your dimensions, we'll do the rest. ENQUIRE NOW Book Free Consultation Visit Showroom You might also like ​ ​ ​ ​ Tenby Grey ​ Tenby Beige ​ Adele Bleu RVPADE01T ​ ​ ​ ​ Camino Quartz stone Grey BOLQUA01T Camino Quartz stone Anthracite BOLQUA02T Camino Limestone Beige BOLLIM01T Bodum Stone Anthracite ALABOD62T Bodum Stone Grey ALABOD51T

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