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Lina Stores




Red Deer Architects


Greek Street, London


Lina Stores




We were contacted by design experts Red Deer Architects to draw, cut and hand assemble a design feature (using cararra and nero marquina marbles laid in a traditional mosaic style) that would make an immediate impact on visitors.

Architect Lionel Real de Azúa explained that the original Lina Stores opened in 1944 and Red Deer was seeking to create visual cues with the original deli that could be brought over to the new restaurant on Greek Street. Drawing inspiration from the Art Deco cafes and European bistros a traditionally inspired mosaic floor to greet the guests was an essential element of the new restaurant design.

The Armatile Fabrication Team in our factory in Armagh initially cut thousands of pieces of 15mm marble cubes before our artisan Hand Assembly Team placed each piece in the design. We utilised our in-house waterjet cutting technology to precision cut the logo detail within the mosaic runner feature.

The entire mosaic was created on interlocking mesh-backed panels that significantly reduced fitting time and costs on site. The finished product looks stunning and certainly establishes the interior themes to visitors on arrival.

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The Brief