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Transforming a Small En-Suite Bathroom Interior

In the realm of bathroom renovations, small spaces often present unique challenges and opportunities. This project showcases the transformation of a small bathroom into a contemporary oasis, using the beauty and versatility of Palatina Blanco Brillo, a stunning large format, porcelain slab tile range that promises to elevate even the most compact en-suite.

En-Suite bathroom interior using Palatina Blanco Brillo, gloss white, large format, marble tiles.

The Palatina Blanco Brillo tiles, boasting a sleek white gloss marble effect, serve as the cornerstone of this renovation project. Measuring 60x120cm, these large format tiles create a sense of spaciousness, making the compact en suite feel more expansive and airy. The timeless elegance of marble, combined with the glossy finish, adds a touch of luxury to the space, setting the stage for a truly sophisticated interior.

To complement the minimalist aesthetic of the bathroom, a monochromatic colour palette was employed, with white marble as the dominant hue and black accents used on the vanity unit for contrast. Chrome fixtures further enhance the modern look and feel, adding a touch of glamour to the overall design scheme. The result? A harmonious blend of simplicity and sophistication that exudes contemporary charm.

One of the standout features of this en suite renovation is the subtle texture introduced through a stacked mosaic floor within the shower area. Utilising the same Palatina Blanco tile but in a matte finish, this bespoke mosaic adds visual interest and depth to the space, creating a focal point that draws the eye and adds a tactile dimension to the shower enclosure. This custom mosaic was made possible through Armatile's WeMake bespoke tile manufacturing service.

The renovation of this small en suite demonstrates the transformative power of premium porcelain slab tiles. With their timeless elegance, versatile design, and superior quality, these tiles have the ability to turn any space into a contemporary sanctuary.


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