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St Comgall's Parish Church


Churches / Restoration


Mclean & Forte Partnership


Bangor, Co Down


St Comgall's Parish Church




The Architect’s creative vision for the centre aisle was to take visitors on a journey across Europe, highlighting the areas visited by St Comgall while highlighting his origins in Bangor, Co Down.

Working to the Architects designs Armatile’s in-house design team drew up detailed fabrication drawings for the client’s approval and itemised each individual piece required to be ordered from the manufacturer for the project. Within each section of the aisle there are 54 individual waterjet cut pieces that are fitted together to create an ornate Celtic weave linking one part of St Comgall’s Mission from Bangor, through Europe where he established monasteries in countries such as France, Switzerland and Italy.

Our manufacturing team based in our factory in Armagh then used high powered waterjet cutting machinery to cut the base tiles into all the individual shapes before delicately hand assembling each piece in the intricate designs and panels before despatching them to site. This latter element was very important as the preformed designs significantly reduced the fitting time and cost on site.

The Brief
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