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We have the perfect combination of high quality interior tile collections with matching outdoor 20mm porcelain paving options; ideal for you to create external living spaces that extend your interior design project beyond the threshold.

The outdoor 20mm options are available in 4 colours, 1 finish (natural) and 2 sizes (75x75cm & 60x60cm). The matching indoor 10mm options are available in all four colours, 2 finishes (natural & semi-polished) and 4 sizes (75x75cm & 60x60cm, as well as larger 90x90cm and 120x120cm sizes).

Shape: Square
Paver Size: 75x75x2cm, 60x60x2cm
Colours: Perla, Grey, Black, Sable
Finish: Natural
Suitable For
Material: Porcelain
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