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Armatile is a leader in the manufacture of porcelain step treads for use in commercial and residential spaces.

Our experienced fabrication team and industrial engineering machinery combine to offer so much more versatility for our clients to be extra creative in their designs.

Our bespoke porcelain step treads seamlessly integrate different levels within design schemes and are manufactured with a variety of slip resistant safety features to suit the client's aesthetic.

Anti-Slip Metal Inserts Available with Anti-Slip Metal Inserts 

 Available with Anti-Slip Resin Strips

Available with Anti-Slip Grooves

Available with 50mm wide Solid Resin Strip


Our bespoke Step Tread fabrication services enable clients to think beyond standard porcelain tile installations.

Our customised tile designs and unique products are fabricated to suit every clients’ individual and exacting specifications.

Using industrial saws and waterjet cutting technology we precision cut, mitre, groove, edge and shape even the hardest porcelain tiles and slabs (from 6mm up to 20mm); fabricating high quality step treads to complement all types of interior or exterior tiling schemes.

Our fabrication processes enable us to create a wide variety of step treads, edges, nosings, risers and slip resistant finishes for every type of application.

The Edges and Nosings

Our skilled team fabricate step treads with a selection of nosings and edges;

1. Round Edge Step Tread (RE)

2. 20mm Mitred Tread with 50mm Facing Edge (20ME50)

3. Mitred Gradone Tread with 40mm Facing Edge (GRAD40) and Stainless Steel Anti-slip Inserts

Note: The colour of the fabricated round edge will depend on the base colour of the porcelain tile rather then the finished surface on it. As with most 10mm & 20mm thick porcelain tiles the colour is not throughout thus any machined edge will vary from the top colour.

Note: Standard Facing Edge depth is 40mm on 10mm tiles and 50mm on 20mm porcelain pavers. Other sizes are available on request

Note: Mitred edge step treads are micro-bevelled to prevent potential damage and chipping during use


We pride ourselves on the skill of our in-house fabrication team and their ability to consistently create solutions to challenging design problems deemed too difficult for others to take on.

This includes bulnosed steps, edges, skirtings and of course the step treads (with grooves, epoxy resin strips or metal anti slip inserts).


From various materials including 20mm base tiles Armatile can create various elements to suit the client’s specifications;

  • Mitred Nosing complete with anti-slip grooves and a stepped return edge to lock into drainage grid
  • Drainage Grid for the water channels complete with stepped returns on both sides to meet into nosing and colour band
  • Colour band with a stepped edge to meet the drainage grid

Learn more about our drainage channel manufacturing here.

We pride ourselves on the skill of our in-house fabrication team and their ability to consistently create solutions to challenging design problems

Step Tread Side Profiles 

As Armatile fabricate each step tread and skirting option to specification, on a project by project basis, you can select the option to best suit your design scheme.

Armagrip AntiSlip Resin

We offer a range of colours of our antislip resin to give you more options when developing your step tread solutions with us. You can view all available colours below:

To find out more information on our Step Tread Fabricated services you can send us an enquiry via the following links;


For more information on our Waterjet Tile Cutting Services and Bespoke Surface Design Capabilities check out our Products and Services Page.

See our Step Tread manufacturing facilities in action!

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