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Waterjet Cutting Service UK and Ireland

Wednesday, 4 May 2022

armatiles new 5-axis waterjet cutting machine

Armatile's new 5-axis waterjet cutting table 

What is Waterjet Cutting?

Waterjet cutting is simply an accelerated erosion process within the material being cut using water and an abrasive. When cutting materials such as porcelain and metal it results in smooth, uniform burr-free edges. This high-quality finish often eliminates the need for follow-up detailing reducing overall costs and lead time.

waterjet cutting machine in action

How does Waterjet Cutting Work?

Waterjet cutting works by the ‘accelerated erosion' process noted earlier in this article. High-pressure water is fired through a ruby or a diamond nozzle into a mixing chamber. The pressure creates a vacuum and draws garnet sand (the abrasive) into the stream that is then projected at the item being cut. The abrasive eats away at the material, effectively causing erosion to take place at such a high speed that it looks like the material is being cut. This is why waterjet cutting is an extremely powerful and versatile tool in bespoke tile design and in many other industries.


Why Use Waterjet Cutting?

Waterjet cutting offers manufacturers with versatility and flexibility like no other. The range of benefits associated with using waterjet cutting is what gives this technology its edge over its competition such as laser and saw cutting.

waterjet cut feature with black and white tiles and brass inserts

Why Waterjet Cutting is the best alternative to Laser cutting?

Waterjet cutting has several advantages over laser cutting:

Cut thicker materials

Waterjet cutting has few restrictions when it comes to the materials it can cut. The water jet cuts without introducing heat into the process and it can punch through thicker materials like our 20mm porcelain pavers. Common material types cut on a water jet include (but are not limited to) plastic, rubber, stone, porcelain, aluminium, copper, brass, stainless steel, and more!

More cost effective

Waterjet cutting is a cost effective process. As a 'cold-cutting' process, it produces no heat zones on the cut material preventing warping or degradation of the material and eliminating the need for treatments post cutting. This allows secondary cuts to begin immediately saving time and resources from refining edges.

Faster cuts

The simple automation process of a water jet cutting machine means scaling production can be utilised for large projects allowing for faster turnover on projects.

No burn marks, less post-cutting preparation

This reduces labour and provides high quality products faster. Additionally, waterjet cutting is such a clean cut, there is no need for grinding or sanding around the edges.

waterjet cutting tiles

Where can I find Waterjet Cutting services?

Armatile offers waterjet cutting services across a variety of materials available readily to customers in the UK & Ireland. Our speciality is in creating bespoke pieces for exciting projects around the world and we have a stunning portfolio of existing projects making extensive use of our waterjet machines.

If you would like to know how our services can enhance your interior or exterior design project simply contact us here: