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Employee Spotlight

Friday, 4 March 2022

Name: Peter O’Neill

Role: Digital Marketing Specialist


How long have you been at Armatile?

I’ve been at Armatile for just over 6 years now after starting on a Marketing apprenticeship.


Describe a typical day in your job in Armatile


My day-to-day tasks mostly involve scheduling website and social media content. This involves getting imagery from tile manufacturers or of customers projects (with permission!) so that we can promote our range of tiles. There’s the technical side of this which involves monitoring our online channels’ performance so we can stay ahead of the competition by catching onto trends early. Very often I’ll also being doing some graphic design and video work for promotional campaigns or to support our sales teams. It’s a nice change of pace to flex my creative muscles. Literally when it involves setting up our stand at The Love Your Home Show.


What skills have you developed during your time in Armatile?


An important skill in marketing is preparing marketing campaigns for new products and organising the content around that. While I was still studying my first-hand experience was instrumental in learning the relevant skills to successfully deliver campaigns. My time in Armatile has provided great experience in the field I studied for.


What has been your favourite project you were involved in at Armatile?


Working on our new website was the largest and most daunting project I’ve worked on and I was able to have a lot of input on this project. It involved liaising with our web developers to deliver a website that could compete with rivals locally and with much larger brands in the UK. Seeing the culmination of several months work come together was a fantastic experience, it really paid off by the end and has really helped us grow outside of the local market.


What would you say to someone considering a career with Armatile?


You develop strong bonds with the people you work with. It’s a relatively small company so you quickly get familiar with everyone and most roles end up tying in with one another. This results in everyone working together on various projects so you quickly become familiar with their own challenges and how you can work effectively with them.


What’s your favourite film?


Hot Fuzz. It’s full of jokes and you miss some the first time through but you pick up on new ones every time you watch it.


And your favourite meal?


Spaghetti Carbonara. It’s easy to make and I’ll eat any pasta dish so it’s a win-win.


Describe Armatile in 5 words


Never dull, always something happening.


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