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Employee Spotlight - Conor O'Neill, Design Sales Consultant

Friday, 18 March 2022

Name: Conor O'Neill 

Role: Design Sales Consultant


How long have you been at Armatile?

I have been working in Armatile for 8 years. I started off in our factory in Armagh and I am currently working as a showroom sales consultant in our Armagh showroom.

Describe a typical day in your job in Armatile.

A typical day for me in Armatile would be interacting with customers face to face, on the phone or by email, and helping them pick their tiles. I'll also be on hand to give them any advice that’s needed to complete either their large scale project or just to do up their hallway.

What skills have you developed during your time in Armatile?

As I started in the factory, I developed a knowledge for tiles. For example, what was the technical side of a specific tile? What material, size or finish, slip-rating etc did it have? This time helped me cross over into the showroom quite quickly which in turn helped me massively when I came to giving customers the best advice when picking their tiles. There's a lot more to choosing tiles that than it looking pretty as safety or strength can be an important part of a project. 

What has been your favourite project you've been involved in at Armatile?

I couldn’t say I would have a favourite project as, from my time in the factory, I’ve been involved in almost all of them one way or another over the last 8 years!  There were a few really nice ones that we did when I was working on the water-jet machines with some very fancy, custom-made designs; so it was great to see these in the finished stage after everything was cut. I also really enjoy doing custom cathedral/Victorian style halls which I have been involved in from the showroom side. It’s great to see the photos when it’s all done, as it can be a long process to get the colours and design right, although it’s all worth it in the end!

What would you say to someone considering a career with Armatile?

I would highly recommend joining Armatile. It's a family run business and you can really feel that right through the company. Armatile’s always been a great company to work for and it’s always growing and looking to give their staff the best opportunity to progress and better themselves too.

What’s your favourite film?

Wolf of Wall Street (we like to say Chris McCarron is the Wolf of Boucher).

And your favourite meal?

It has to be steak with garlic cubes, crispy onions and peppered sauce. Heaven!

Describe Armatile in 5 words

Enjoyable, rewarding, busy, thriving and supportive.

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