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Earn a Bonus £50 Extra for your NI Retail Voucher Scheme Card

Monday, 27 September 2021

Armatile is offering customers an additional £50 for their £100 NI Retail Voucher!

If you spend your £100 NI Retail Voucher Scheme Card in total and in one transaction Armatile will offer you’re an additional £50 free. Therefore your £100 Retail Voucher will be worth £150 if spent with us!


What is the NI Retail Voucher Scheme?

The NI Retail Voucher Scheme is a Government funded investment programme to help stimulate local spending and support smaller businesses to recover from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Each adult in Northern Ireland can apply for a voucher card prepaid with £100 that they can spend locally.

If you spend your £100 NI Retail Voucher Scheme Card in total and in one transaction Armatile will offer you’re an additional £50 free. Therefore your £100 Retail Voucher will be worth £150 if spent with us!


How to apply for your Retail Voucher!

To apply for the voucher you must go onto the NI Direct website - https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/services/apply-high-street-scheme-spend-local-pre-paid-card

You will need to log onto the online portal using your email address for security purposes.

This will lead to an email being sent to your inbox which you then should click on to bring you back to the online portal.

On the application page you will be asked to provide the following items of personal information:

national insurance number, name, address, date of birth, sex, disability status (specifying if you have a visual impairment), email address (this will be pre-populated), telephone number and Driving licence number (this is optional but will help speed up the checking process)


What if you can't apply online?

You can also register via phone from Monday 11th October - 25th October, 2021

This method will involve you declaring the same personal information outlined above over the phone to a call handler.


Your card will be sent out to you in the post once your details have been verified.

This could take up to several weeks.



Terms & Conditions for Armatile Bonus £50


One Transaction per £50 Bonus

For customers to avail of the additional £50 for their £100 prepaid voucher they must spend the £100 Voucher Card in whole and in one transaction at Armatile. The total £100 value of the prepaid voucher card can not be spread over a number of transactions.


MAXIMUM of two vouchers accepted per customer/transaction!

Customer can combine their vouchers on one transaction (eg two adults from the one household) so their £200 will become £300. A maximum of two vouchers will be accepted per customer transaction.


Minimum Spend

To receive the additional £50 bonus you must spend your £100 card in total and in one transaction. Therefore the £100 voucher can achieve a maximum value of £150.

It the value of the transaction is more than £100 but less than £150 then the customer can choose to obtain only part of the £50 bonus to use to make their purchases (rather than the total £50).

E.G. if the transaction value is £130 then the customer can choose to spend the total value of their £100 Retail Voucher and obtain only a £30 bonus to complete their transaction. No additional bonus will be applied to another transaction.

If two cards are being spent together on one transaction then that invoice must be at least £300 for the two complete £50 bonuses to be applied.

Of course customers can chose to spend only part of their £100 NI Retail Voucher at Armatile (rather then the total £100). If a customer spends only part of their £100 Voucher then the additional £50 bonus DOES NOT APPLY!



The £50 Armatile Retail Voucher Bonus will not apply to transactions for only non tile items, e.g. only for adhesives, trims, tanking kits etc.

Does not apply to Trade Sales. No Copies Accepted. No Cash Alternatives. Not Valid with any other promotional offer nor sale yard items.



No Refunds/Returns can be applied on this promotion.


Closing Date:

 All NI Discount Vouchers are valid to make payments until 30 November 2021 ONLY. They cannot be used/accepted after this time.