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Cevisama Day 3

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

We're seeing a lot of these natural stone and marble effect tiles this year and it's producing more varied results than your usual white marble, black vein style that everyone is used to.


Shapes received a big push at conventions last year and the rest of the industry is catching up. Digital printing technologies allow for more complex patterns and the improvements in that field allow them to look much better and closer to hand crafted mosaics or encaustic tiles.


Shapes, too, have received a lot of attention within the industry and you are seeing things that were once relegated to a small splashback in the kitchen or the bathroom spill out into fully fledged feature walls and floors. It has never been easier to make a statement in your home with tiles.



Speaking of features; these walls are a great example of how you can, using a wide variety of styles and designs, bring a bit of your own personality into your home or project. Even something as simple as large gaps and vertical alignment of tiles can create a contemporary twist without having to do anything drastic in the installation process! The cladding used here is very like our Armastone wall cladding which you can see here.

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