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Behind the scenes at Cevisama 2020

Monday, 3 February 2020

It's that time of the year again! The whole tiling industry has collapsed into Fira, Valecia in Spain this week to scope out the competition and to try to stay ahead of the latest and greatest in tiling trends.

We're always excited to see what's hot at these exhibitions and it ensure's we're providing our customers with the right information to keep their homes and projects looking stylish for years to come!

The scale of some of the stands at the show is absolutely incredible. It can take large, dedicated installation teams weeks to put them up and an whole week to take them down! All this is necessary to fit hundred of exhibitors and tens of thousands of attendees. Don't believe us? Check out Cevisama's own infographic below!

With the tile industry growing, who knows what these graphs will look like next year?

Colours are in in a big way as always but the way they are presented between different shapes, shades and sizes is always exciting to witness.

Modern twists on classics like hexagon shapes and black & white colours shows the innovation that can be achieved with old reliable concepts.

Mixing and matching designs to create flowing transitions between ranges is used to great effect in this seating area. Look how the Hexagons fit seamlessly into the wood effect tiles on the floor? This is balanced out by the neutral, concrete effect wall tiles; the cool colour and tone striking a contrast between the blue and brown. A bit of creativity and outside-the-box thinking goes a long way!

Bigger is better! Whether it's imposing plank-style wood effect tiles, interesting designs over a large space or some combination of both the message is clear: Large format tiles are still a great choice in 2020 and beyond!

The beautiful blue, flowing effect in this bathroom setting really adds some flavour to the surroundings. What better way to establish a wet-room than with a wave-like effect on the floor? Another great feature is how the wall tiles match the sink unit, creating an unbroken horizon to go along with the floor!

Alternatively you could stretch the flowing-water inspired range throughout the entire room (or at least in a feature area).

Speaking of feature walls, we love this idea! The dark, moody marble effect tiles create an image like the night sky, the veins like constellations and the reflective surface letting the lights create little stars on the wall.

The designers of these stands really are on point this year with tying colours into the purpose of the settings! Talk about going all out.

Another great use of blue; the contrast with the darker tones of the veining helps this stand out as an imposing feature.

This looks like the reception area of a prestigious building or hotel. Who says grey is boring when THIS is what you can achieve?


That's all for today, stay tuned for more from the floor throughout the week!