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Cevisama 2020 - Day 2

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Day 2 of Cevisama 2020 brought with it a lot of surprises! The big trend that is being reinforced is using patterns to create unique and stand-out designs.

Whether they are encaustic style tiles or otherwise, patterns have been front and centre at the convention, demanding everyone's attention. If you're planning on creating features in your home or project do not sleep on these!



Some of the stands have been incorporating tiles into wall decorations or furniture, marrying all elements of a room together. Believe it or not, this is a service we ourselves offer! Who's dictating the trends this time?



The industrial grey and concrete effect is still a very important trend in the industry but we are seeing the evolution of the trend. While you still have simple but effective industrial concrete effect tiles like this...

...we are also seeing other styles being incorporated to add a new twist or to combine genres into something unique. The Graffiti inspired tiles below are becoming a staple of the big tile manufacturers. We have our own graffiti range, Urban Plaster & Graffiti, which you can view here.

Contrasting designs helps to set boundaries in larger spaces or between areas in the home, but sometimes the clash of styles can actually function as a style of its own!


The best of the rest
















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