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Donard Black & White Floor

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Have a look at these stunning images from a customer in Dublin who has installed our Donard Black & White Panels, laid in a Tollymore pattern, in a refurb of their home.

Donard B&W Tollymore Pattern by Armatile

Initially the customer sent through images of Victorian floors she had seen online, with an enquiry if Armatile had anything similar.

Donard B&W Tollymore Pattern by Armatile

We emailed back information on the Cathedral Range and the new Tollymore Designs, along with images and drawings.

Donard B&W Tollymore Pattern by Armatile

The customer selected a traditional B&W colour scheme and our design team created a sketch to help visualise the space in the customer's home.

Donard B&W Tollymore Pattern Drawing by Armatile

As you can see, the drawing was accurate to the end product and the installed floor fits perfectly with the period in which the home was build, and was the central feature of the renovations.

If you are interested in what can be achieved with our ranges of geometric panels inspired by Victorian design make sure to check out more on our ranges here.

If that's not enough to pique your interest, give us a shout by emailing us at design@armatile.com and we'll get back to your with more info on these products or can help you with measurements to ensure your floor isĀ 


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