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We Celebrate Paul McCann's 25 Years in Armatile

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

There's a work anniversary, and then there's THIS:

paul mccann 25 years armatile gold watch

Pictured left to right: Paul McCann, Seamus McCann

Paul McCann has entered the prestigious 25-Club in Armatile!

Seamus McCann presented him with his well earned Gold Watch making him the thirteenth member of The 25 Crew!

paul mccann 25 years armatile

Pictured left to right: Conor Moore, Seamus McCann, Paul McCann, Pat McCann, Chris McCann

A valued member of the Factory Team in Armagh, Paul is known for being able to solve, quite literally, any problem on the floor and is the go-to guy in an emergency. You can always tell him from a mile off thanks to his distinctive boiler suit! Armatile will be handing out a few more Gold Watches in the New Year too, it's an exciting time to be here!