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How to request an outline sketch of your area or help working out what you need?

The best place to start is to find the colour of geometric panels that best suits your home or project. Our Donard Collections are designed around the colours used in the Victorian style tiles - Red, Beige, Black & White and Yellow


As we manufacture the Donard Collection as a modular system the colour of the panel determines the borders, corners and field tiles that will best complement them.

You can check out our collection of Geometric panels and accompanying borders and corners here.

Geometric Collections

Once you’ve found the perfect colour for your project, you can request a quote. Simply fill in the form by following these steps:


Using a measuring tape take a note of all the widths and lengths around the area you are going to tile. 

Try to be a accurate as you can as this will make designing the area much simpler and reduce need to comeback to you for additional information.


If its easier (especially if its an odd shaped room) you can submit a sketch of the area on the enquiry form, or attach it in an email, to give us an even better idea of the space to be tiled.  Simply create your drawing, mark on all you measurements, take photograph of it with your smart phone and either

Upload it to your ENQUIRY FORM or

Email it to enquiry@armatile.com

This does not need to be perfectly drawn to scale as long as the measurements are correctly noted.

Below is an example of a quick sketch with measurements and key features of the room highlighted:

example room sketch with measurements


If you don't feel your artistic skills are up to scratch, don't worry; you can provide as much relevant information as you can in our enquiry form:


We will aim to back to you with quantities and a price within 1-2 Working Days of submitting your enquiry.

If you like the design and confirm your order will aim to despatch your order from our factory within 2-4 working days.


NOTE: We can design and manufacture bespoke tile surface designs to order on a project by project basis.

For more bespoke designs that require us the manufacture a completely new product for your project please allow us approximately 4 to 6 weeks, from final confirmation of your artwork, to create, prepare and despatch your order from our factory. In these instances, we will ensure you are informed and kept up to date with the order’s progress.

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