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How to order

The best place to start is to find the colour of geometric panels that best suits your home or project. You can check out our collection of Geometric panels and accompanying borders and corners here. Once you’ve found the right colours, you can request a quote. Simply fill in the form by following these steps:

Using a measuring tape take a note of all the widths and lengths around the area that the panels will be placed. There’s no need to map every single nook and cranny, we just need to know the overall shape and size of the room and some key features to give an accurate representation of your space.

The measurements should be accurate but don’t need to be to-the-millimetre as our designs can account for some tolerance around the extremities.

You can submit a drawing in the enquiry form or attach it in an email to give us an even better idea of the space to be tiled. Below is an example of a quick sketch with measurements and key features of the room highlighted:

example room sketch with measurements

If you don't feel your artistic skills are up to scratch, don't worry; you can provide as much relevant information as you can in our enquiry form. 

Lead times from the factory are 4 to 6 weeks from final confirmation of design. In these instances, we will ensure you are informed and kept up to date with the order’s progress.

Our enquiry form can be found here.